Version 1.0 — changelogs


This plugin is made specifically as a companion for Quna WordPress theme

Enabling it will extend the default Quna’s default options. We do in a separate plugin because themes that area hosted on the’s repository are very limited to just skin design — the look of the site. Third party scripts integration is prohibited and it becomes plugin’s territory.

Probably you might be asking why it is separated and not be included in the theme’s folder. Firstly we have quite huge plan to Quna. Theme package wouldn’t be enough to host some scripts to extend and discover possibilities of functional WordPress theme. Secondly we believe that theming is not just CSS-ing, but also designing a solution for functional WordPress-powered websites. However some people prefer staying with simple option for particular reasons.

To install this plugin from your Quna-powered-website, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Install Plugins menu. Or download the .zip package from the button above and do manual upload from Dashboard > Plugins > Add New.


Quna desogn pack customizer v1


Is this plugin secure?

Yes. 100% secure. We don’t collect and track both your personal data and sensitive informations of your site. To verify it yourself, you can inspect the code (if know PHP code well).

How do I get support and report bugs?

Send me an email to for support request and reporting any trouble might occur.

Made with love by Kharis Sulistiyono in Indonesia